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Located in the heart of the Tenderloin. Plant Therapy offers a wide variety of rare and exotic plants, floral arrangements and accessories to help you create your own urban jungle.

Love plants but kill them? Come on by and our knowledgeable, friendly staff will help you choose plants that will suit your lifestyle, setting and budget.

Create the green home you’ve always wanted!

Plants are cheaper than therapy

Save yourself some money and skip the doctor.
Plants are therapeutic.


We are committed to sharing our love and passion for plants with the residents of San Francisco. Our fondness for plants extends beyond our four walls. Our hope is for everyone to have the opportunity to receive the therapeutic gift of plants!


Chai Saechao & Tony Stapor


Chai Saechao and Tony Stapor are longtime San Francisco residents who moved from Redding, California and Alexandria, VA, respectfully, in 2010. Both have an extensive customer service background, and have always looked forward to opening their own shop. Chai decided to use what he learned while managing a branch of a reputable coffee company for over a decade to guide him in how to run a successful business that cares about its staff. Chai’s love for all things botanical sparked the inspiration for Plant Therapy. Tony’s passion for helping others succeed was his main inspiration. Chai and Tony enjoy staying at home and drinking wine in their jungle of about 100 plants, spending time with their dogs Mela and Milo, and eating at Cassava, where Tony continues to work on the side. Together, they hope to inspire others with their love for everything green and help others green up their lives. They wish to expand the greenery of their brick and mortar beyond their walls and into your home!